April 8

Positivity is a Choice…

Positivity is always a choice no matter what. Never be negative, it gets you no where. Even if I’m having a rough day or week,  I always try to be as positive as I can. There are times where I can’t be the most positive person out there, expectantly when I’m not in the mood to talk about something bad that happened or something that I went through.

There was this one time when I couldn’t do anything but think negative, because there was no positive. It was when I made a terrible mistake and lost everyone. I lost all of my friends at school. I went home and just thought of how much I messed up. The worst thing was is that I had nobody to back me up on the situation. Ya I messed up pretty bad during that moment huh.

I tried to gain some friends back by apologizing and saying that I knew I messed up. I started making process because they were talking to me again. Little by little I started getting them back. It took some time. I thought positive. And kept my head up.

The worst part was that my best friend was the one that I made the mistake to.  She was like my sister. I couldn’t believe that I lost her at that moment. I didn’t really mainly care about loosing the others I just wanted her back. We made up. I thought positive and talked to her face to face. We hugged and forgave each other. The worst thing was is that it was over a boy. Yes, me and her have a lot of disagreements but I still love her to death and I am not loosing her like that again.

The point of that story was that you have to think on the bright side. Find the positive in every possible problem. Even if it does seem impossible. There is always a way through everything.

March 18

Ways to Make the World a Better Place

making the world a better placeThere are so many ways to make the world a better place. Today’s assignment is to write a blog post on ”how to make the world a better/more awesome place”. Even the littlest things can make someone smile or even make there day. Sometimes even saying hi can bring a smile to someone’s face.

I think the main way to start changing the world is to start treating everyone the same and to be kind to everyone you possibly can. Even if their like your enemy try to be nice and start being friends with them. I don’t know about you guys but the worst thing for me is knowing that I have a enemy or knowing that someone hates/ dislikes me. It’s just one of the worst feelings for me.

Another way to possibly change the world is to live life to the fullest. Don’t get hung up and something stupid. Carry on and move on with life because there is a limit for life guys ( just incase you didn’t know ). Don’t worry about the little things that can hurt you. Forget the past and live the future. Trust me when I say that because I’ve gone trough a lot this week believe it or not. So I’m going to say it one more time ”Forget the past and live the future!”

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March 7

How Much Time Do You Spend Online?

Why should teenagers time online be limited? I think teenagers time online should be limited for at least 3 1/2 hours a day. Witch that’s a pretty good amount of time because they should use most or some of the time being outside and active and enjoying life as they can and not be online 24/7.  Because believe it or not, if your on technology 24/7 with a bright screen or if your to close it can cause eye damage and can give you a major headache.

How much time do you spend online? Well I’m not going to lie I spend a lot of time online or on my phone. But I shouldn’t because there’s so many other things to do like go outside or even spend time with family. Or even if you have a pet, you can resale around with them. YOLO guys, you only live once don’t waste it all on technology.

What effect does this have one you? Well being on my phone all the time does have some effects. Like the data, I use almost all of it because I only have 2 gigabytes because we have a huge family plan. Or because it waste my battery. And putting my face in my phone sometimes kinda gets me out of reality.

If you were a parent, describe the rules you would have for your child regarding online activity? If I was a parent I would most likely give my kids a limit on how much they can be online or on technology so they can go outside and play or get active and enjoy life while they can. Technology is really fun but don’t let it take over your life…

March 2

Dr. Seuss

dr seuss”Be who you are say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

This has to be one of my favorite sayings from Dr. Seuss because sometimes it’s just better to say what you feel and to be who you are no matter what because you’re just being you when you express how you feel and what you feel. The people who judge you on how you feel, don’t matter because you can’t control how you feel sometimes. The people who matter to you the most won’t judge you on things like that and are true friends.

I’ve experienced this so many times I’ve lost track. But I keep going, and the people who do matter will hopefully stick around because right there are some good friends. This saying has so many meaningful things to it, I can definitely relate to every word in it. Keep those friends and never let them go…

Got image from: http://quotesgram.com/be-who-you-are-dr-seuss-quotes/http://quotesgram.com/be-who-you-are-dr-seuss-quotes/

February 18

My Inspiration

image      The one person that inspires me has to be my brother Gage. He’s made me realize that anything’s possible, and to never give up on something that I really wanted to achieve. He’s inspired me ever since I was like 6, he’s done so many things that has shown me to never give up and to keep going until I reach my goal.

For example. When Gage was 17 he intered his first car into a car show, but he couldn’t figure out how he wanted his car…then he finally had the idea of painting it but he scratched it by hitting the pool barn. He was so mad he didn’t know how he could possibly fix it. But then he looked at me for a really long time and said “nope I’m going to finish this’ so he did. He put it in the car show and got 1st place.

Another example would be the time he intered the motorcycle contest at age 21 which was last year. He already had his bike and he took it all apart. Like a rebuild. He painted the inside out, then painted all the other parts green. But the problem was is that he couldn’t put it back together. He tried and tried but then eventually he was just going to give up. He went back to the garage and looked at it one more time and realized what was wrong ( he got the wrong screws ). He put it back together….he looked at it for like 25 mins, then looked at me again. He told me to never give up and to have faith in myself.

My brother really does inspire me. Out of all my 14 brothers, he’s the one that really inspires me. Maybe it’s just because he’s the oldest? I don’t know but he inspires me more than any of my brother ever has and yes we have our arguments and tackle each other and give eachother injuries and stuff, but eh that’s what brother are for right…

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February 17

Video Games

download (1)      My favorite video game has to be Black Ops 3 because I play it all the time and it’s just the best game ever invented. I usually play zombie mode when I play the game because it definitely takes skill, the highest I’ve ever got was level 32. That’s pretty good for a 12 year old I guess but I know I could do better.

I usually play offline because sometimes when I play online with other people they kinda mess me up or they don’t open a certain door before the zombies come or even spend their money on something stupid. So I just play one player by myself.

I have to say the hardest part about zombie mode is when the dogs come out, because usually when that time comes I’m stuck with a pistol because I already used all my ammo on my machine gun. But I know a few glitches in the game to save me when the dogs are out.

When I first started playing this game wasn’t a long time ago but before this game I played Call Of Duty witch definitely prepared me for Black Ops 3 because their very slimier when you think about it.

But instead of zombie mode their is campaign witch is also really fun but it can also get really frustrating because before you know it your in the building corner camping and somebody pops through the window and kills you with one shot even though you already shot them like 3 times.

I also hate it when you through a bomb and the person that you threw it at isn’t even dead, man that makes me mad. Or even when you shoot your gun at the other building towards someone in front of a window and you shoot directly to them but all it does it brake the glass of the window. Now that just makes you want to quit the game.

Video games is like part of my life I love it so much and if you think about it video games can be educational sometimes and good for the brain……….sometimes. But ya that’s my post about video games and Black Ops 3.

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February 8

Language Arts

language-arts-zone       Language Arts is my favorite class out of the whole school day because the teachers awesome, don’t ever have homework, and is really fun most of the time. We usually make blog posts or just sit and talk, which is another reason why I like Language Arts. Reading isn’t my best ability but it all depends on the book, like the book I’m reading now is way more interesting than a book I’ve ever read.

Mr. McGuire is our teacher, he’s pretty cool most of the time. Like I’ve never got in trouble by him, but if you have then well….anyway he’s a really good teacher and he knows how to make learning actually fun.He’s also really honest, which is sometimes funny when he tells somebody the truth. Which reminds me he can be funny so much you don’t even know when he’s serious.

At the end of class we sing, which is like one of my favorite things about Language Arts class because in the beginning of the year he said that our singing was a grade, you have to actually sing and participate. If you don’t you get moved in like the front or something like that. But anyway that’s why Language Arts is my favorite class.

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February 5

My Pet Dog…

My dog’s name is diamond, she is a English Mastiff and is only like 3 years old but somehow weighs 200 pounds. She’s a pretty big dog once you see her. She doesn’t exactly live with me…well she goes back and forth to my house and my uncle Gage’s house. I don’t even know how they get her in the car.

I had 2 other dogs named Angle and Elsie but the both died. Angle died of cancer at a young age last year. Then Elsie (her mom) died not long after because of old age. Angle and Elsie was Diamonds first friends because we got diamond when she was a puppy and when she came to our house Angle and Elsie were the first dog’s that grew up with her.

Diamond was so upset when she finally realized that Angle died, but then Elsie was even worse to the situation. Both of them didn’t eat, drink, or even walk around they just set there like half of there hart was gone. They finally got over it….a few months pass…..Elsie died. Diamond was lost. Completely lost, she didn’t even know what to think after all of it. She just lost part of her family.

Now-She is still upset but she’s getting through it because we got another dog last night and it’s the same kind of dog as Angle and Elsie (Boston Terrier) . So that’s a blog post about Diamond and I might do a blog post about Angle and Elsie soon.

February 4

That One Girl

Sisters-by-Heart-purpleThat one girl. She is amazing and would do anything to keep someone happy. She is one of a kind, there’s nobody in this world that’s like her. She is my best friend but I’d rather call her my sister because that’s how much she means to me. She is the most funniest, caring, nicest, person I’ve ever met.

She has always been there for me and I would take a bullet for her and according to her last post she would do the same. I’m not going to say her name because just by reading this blog I’m pretty sure half of the people reading this will figure it out by the end.

I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her. She is definitely different than everyone else. The first time I met her I knew that we were somehow going to be best friends. And there’s nothing better than having a short friend right. I hang out with her a lot….a lot, like literally her family is like my 2nd family, I technically could live with her because that’s how much we see each other.

By now I’m pretty sure you could guess who ‘she’ is, if not then your lose. ‘That one girl’ if you’re reading this I just want to say thank you for being in my life. If you weren’t here then I don’t know what I would do.

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February 3


Alessia-CaraThe song I’m going to be writing about is ‘Here’ by Alessia Cara. This is a really good song because it’s talking about this girl that keeps asking why she is here and it also tells that she just wants to kick back and listen to some music with her friends just like the lyrics ‘ Somewhere with my people we can kick it and just listen to some music with the message’.

Alessia Cara did a really good job with this song because she really put a message in it, like ‘ Some girl’s talking bout her haters…She ain’t got none’. Also she put a message in the song when it said ‘ And I can’t wait till we can break up outta here’ because she’s saying that she wants to get otta or away from where she is, it makes sense when you read the lyrics ‘ why am I here’.

My favorite part of the song has to be ‘Some girls talking bout her haters, she ain’t got none’ because it’s saying that there’s a girl taking about so many haters and people that dislike her when really she doesn’t got none. I think Alessia really wanted people to relate to this song which a lot of people did. Alessia Cara done a great job on this song and I can really relate to it.

I got this image from: http://urbanislandz.com/2015/06/03/alessia-cara-here-new-music/